Walk 2: Over Kellet, Swarthdale and Green Hill Lane

Long walk 8.25km, 5.1mi. Short walk 5.5km, 3.4mi.

Long walk

Leave the village at LAITHBUTTS LANE (red dots) and follow the lane/path to the quarry entrance, passing a path on the left to the quarry viewpoint.
Cross the entrance; continuing round the car park going up limestone steps. Follow the main path to the road in OVER KELLET.
Turn right up the hill to the track on the left just past CHURCH BANK. Go into the field. The stile is hidden in the right-hand corner.
On through the next two stiles to the top of the hill. From here are excellent views of countryside. Continue down past the line of trees into SWARTHDALE and up the hillside to join the road.
Right on the road and left at the next road junction ADDINGTON to reach GREEN HILL LANE a good view point. Follow the lane to the road and then right, passing the gas pumping station, DUNALD MILL, and quarry.
At the next path on the left there is a choice of going to the bottom of the village HILL LANE (left path) or the right path to return to LAITHBUTTS LANE.

Short walk

Follow the long walk to the quarry entrance.
Turn left on the road to OVER KELLET and right at the next junction onto TIMPENNY ROAD towards ADDINGTON.
Go through the gate on the right (fishing club sign), signpost, go diagonally left to cross the stile in the fence. Right here to follow the trace of a zigzag track partly up hill. Continue to the stile at the top and on to the road.
Turn right and onto GREEN HILL LANE. Follow the long walk back to NETHER KELLET

John Harding