Walk 1: Bolton-le-Sands, Canal

Long 6.25km, 3.9mi. Medium shortest 4km, 2.5mi. Short 2km, 1.25mi.

Long Walk

At the motorway bridge, car park, take the track left, signpost (red dots) and continue across the fields to HIGHFIELD LANE.

Turn left, and at the four-way junction turn left. Continue on the road to the SCHOOL and playing fields. Go right, and down the side of playing field to Bolton-le-Sands. Here there are two public houses, shop, post office, and fish and chip shop. Continue to the canal bridge and onto the towpath. Then past the Royal Oak and a bridge, to join THWAITE BROW LANE.

Go up the lane turning left at LINDEN LEA following the remains of the old road. There is an iron boundary mark near to the fence, and just past the stream on the left are disused coke ovens (hidden by trees).

Turn right at the canal bridge towards THWAITE HOUSE FARM, then through the stile at the gate. The walk now crosses an area, which was extensively quarried. Go across the field, across the lane to follow the path to the field with the pylon.

Go to the top by the pylon, keep on the top to locate the stile into the coniferous plantation. Turn left at the large clearing and follow the path back to the starting point.

Medium Walk

Follow the long walk to the four-way junction at HIGHFIELD LANE. There are two ways:

Shortest, turn right along the lane. Along here are some unusual small sheep known as Babydoll Southdowns (in 2010) and later a walled vineyard. Rejoin the long walk at the canal bridge.

Take the track/path straight across to rejoin the long walk at THWAITE BROW LANE an extra 1.5km, almost 1 mile.

Short Walk

Follow the long walk to the first T-junction with HIGHFIELD LANE. Turn right on the track, and then up along side of the coniferous wood to rejoin the long walk where it enters the wood.

John Harding