Walk 3: Beaumont Cote, Ancliffe Hall and Bolton-le-Sands

Distance 9km, 5.6mi.

Walk 3

Leave the village at the footpath on SHAW LANE (red dots), signpost, keeping almost parallel to the right-hand fence. Eventually it goes toward and over the motorway.
Turn left and follow the left-hand fence into the next field. Then diagonally right to enter the tree-lined track. Follow the short ancient track through the gate and into BEAUMONT COTE.
Turn right along the road to the T-junction. Cross the road, ignore the small fenced area, and aim for the TROUGH and PUMP in the next field. The stile is hidden in the hedge. Follow the path down the side of the fields to turn left through the gate into ANCLIFFE HALL (farm).
Right down the farm road to meet ANCLIFFE LANE. Turn right on the lane. On top of the left-hand hill are three strange fir trees. What are they? Follow the lane into the old part of BOLTON-le-SANDS. Where there are, a shop, fish and chip shop, post office, and two public houses in the main street.
Here there is a choice, either walk through the village to join Walk 1 at the canal bridge; the long way back to Nether Kellet or the shorter way is to follow the road past the SCHOOL to follow part of Walk 1 at HIGHFIELD LANE.

John Harding